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How Our Canopies Fit

Our canopies make use of the best securing options available.

All of out  Flat Canopies have: (see below for  Rounded Top canopies)

  • On the longer edges - slider pockets to retain your canopy tubes;
  • On the shorter edges - Velcro fastening;
  • At each corner - securing pockets. Nb. It is these corner pockets that give your canopy a rigid fitting against severe weather conditions. We do not advise that you purchase canopies without these corner pockets:

Rounded Top Canopy Fitting

195cm x 125cm

195cm x 124cm Argos

200cm x 115cm and  174cm x 108cm

These have pockets for the frame to slide through on the long sides and have Velcro straps to attach the canopy to the straight section of the frame on the arched sides.


158cm x 125cm

To be confirmed 


185cm x 120cm All Velcro and 195cm x 125cm All Velcro 

These attach only with Velcro strap fastenings 


193cm x 123cm

 This canopy attaches using Velcro fasteners and has corner pockets to secure the frame in place.


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