Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get my order delivered to an alternative address?

Yes. You can enter a different shipping address to the billing address supplied.

Do you accept international payments?


 Choose Nochex during Checkout. 

How do I pay?

You can pay via Credit or Debit card using Nochex or pay via Paypal. You do not need to have an account to check out with Nochex and can make a one off payment. At the moment we are unable to take payments over the telephone.

What if I don't find the size I want?

 We're always looking to expand our range.

If you need a size (or colour) we don't currently stock just let us know and we'll have a look into it. Ideally provide the original canopy or a photograph, and include exact size and shape details. If you know the make and model number of your frame, even better :) 

What is the difference between the flat and round canopies?

A “Flat” canopy fits on a flat rectangular shaped frame, so have rounded corners or others more triangular, these canopies all have an overhanging scalloped edge.

A “Round” canopy has a rectangular shaped frame with arched sides, giving it a raised rounded top. These canopies have straight edges.

Which spring should I choose?

All of the springs we have are for heavy duty use. The springs are all designed for use with garden swings as well as many other uses. The largest 15cm springs will hold up to 200kg each, the smaller springs up to 75kg each. Its more to personal choice. We have 2 types of springs, an S shaped spring and 90 degree angle spring. Check which type you need.

Do you combine shipping?

Yes, just add items to the cart / basket and the shipping cost is determined by the combined weight in your cart / basket.

How do I get my discount?

Enter the discount code when you check out to take advantage of any offer you've received from us – Postage is not included in this offer.

What are the springs made from?

The springs are made from 6mm steel and then Zinc coated.

What colours are available?

It depends on the size you need. We have Red, Blue, Green, Black, Grey, Brown & Beige but these colours are not available for every size.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Yes. We ship to Europe and the USA / Canada – using an economy tracked & signed for service

There is not an exact size match available, what should I do?

If you have measured your frame and can’t see an exact match, try using our canopy size calculator. This will let you know the closest match to your frame. Canopies within a few cm’s will usually fit. Given the choice, go for a slightly larger canopy. e.g. If your frame measures 162 x 112 the 110 x 165 size would be adequate, if your frame is 190 x 115 and the closest canopies are 190 x 110 or 193 x 115, go for the larger size.

My canopy size is not available?

Have a look at the canopy size calculator. If there is nothing suitable, let us know using the contact us form. It may be that we have the size on order or may be getting your size in the future.

How do I measure my frame?

Measure your frame from the outside edge of each side to get the measurements. The scalloped overhang is not included in the measurements.

You can see an example here: Click Here 

How does the canopy attach to the frame?

All canopies have pockets to slide the tubular frame through on the long sides and Velcro on the short sides, with the execption of the 195 x 125 Round Canopies designed for the B&Q swing, they have pockets on the short sides for the straight poles and NO Velcro fasteners.

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